Wisconsin Needs A Governor with a 21st Century Strategy

By Bob Harlow January 26, 2018

Bob Harlow

Bob Harlow speaks at the WI Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Forum in Menasha on January, 17 2018.

Under Scott Walker, WI is ranked dead last in startup activity , and is missing out on the 3 million American jobs startups create each year. Unacceptable.

I know how to create jobs through innovation, and that is what I will do as Governor.

Working as a software engineer, I wrote computer code to solve a wide range of problems, from data mining audience reactions to movies at Technicolor, to keeping the Army Corp of Engineers Search and Rescue Team safe in compromised structures.

At Stanford, I worked with Stanford's technology licensing office to file provisional patents on my invention.

I firmly believe that Wisconsin's best days are ahead of us. I am running for Governor because Wisconsin needs a Governor with a 21st Century strategy to build a strong Wisconsin economy. Please donate to our campaign, and together, let's lead Wisconsin to our best days.


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