Biggest Beneficiary of Walker's Per Child Tax Credit: FoxConn

By Bob Harlow January 26, 2018

scott walker

Here's how Scott Walker's proposed child tax credit works:

For every Wisconsin child, Scott Walker will give $3,486 to FoxConn and possibly some spare change to hardworking Wisconsin families, although given his record, that seems doubtful.

After all, Governor Walker told the people of Wisconsin that he wouldn't make WI a "right to work" state even after infamously telling billionaire donor Diane Hendricks about his plans to do so using "divide and conquer."

In November, 2018, we can finally say goodbye to Scott Walker's hidden agendas and expensive giveaways. Wisconsin needs a leader who will work to bring our state together and build a strong Wisconsin economy. As Governor, that is what I will do.

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