One Week Left to Vote for Tim Burns

By Bob Harlow February 13, 2018

Tim Burns

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Tim Burns.

The primary for Supreme Court is February 20th (one week away). Please consider voting early this week. You can do so in the office of your municipal clerk or at another designated location. If you don't know where your early voting location is, ask your municipal clerk. You can find your municipal clerk's contact information here.

US Reps Mark Pocan, Dave Obey, Steve Kagen, Our Wisconsin Revolution, and Our Revolution have all endorsed Tim Burns . Getting to know Tim on the campaign trail over the past year, I have no doubt that he will stand up for our democracy, that he will stand up for our rights, and that he will stand up to Trump.

Tim is one of America's top 25 lawyers at suing large insurance companies. Over his career, he has been hired by clients in three dozen states and ten foreign countries. He will come to the Supreme Court with a wealth of experience standing up for the American people in our legal system.

As a Justice, Tim will stand up for working families. While Tim's parents were forced out of high school due to poverty, they taught him the importance of hard work, fairness and equal opportunity. Tim believes that fair courts ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, not just the wealthy and the well-connected. Here is a link to Tim's website.


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